What does
your future health
look like?

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At Peak of Wellbeing, we put our hearts and souls into helping you achieve your health goals

Imagine a day when you wake up feeling relaxed, alert and happy.

The niggling aches and pains are gone, the agitated breathless sensations in your chest and throat
have disappeared. The painful bloating and cramping in your abdomen is a thing of the past
and you cannot remember when you last had a debilitating headache.


You have clarity, you feel on purpose and your day flows effortlessly in a body you feel good in.

We can help you make this an every day feeling

Start investing time in your health now - your future self will thank you

Meet Jennie and Duncan Delreeve

Duncan Delreeve, co-founder of Peak of Wellbeing
Jennie Delreeve, co-founder of Peak of Wellbeing

Duncan is currently studying Osteopathy as part of a three-year Diploma. Duncan has worked with many sports men and women, including Olympic rowers and golfers. He's proud to work with professionals to amateurs and enjoys designing and delivering health and wellbeing programmes for the corporate sector.


Duncan works with clients worldwide on a one-to-one basis, frequently working with clients who fly in for intensive work over 1 - 3 days.



Due to her own childhood trauma and years of experiencing painful emotions and self destructive habits, Jennie is passionate about helping others overcome similar experiences. She works with a wide variety of individuals and groups from high-flying entrepreneurs to stay-at-home mums.


Jennie has created her own successful methodology during 12 years of clinical practice and has been greatly influenced by the works of John McMullin, Brene Brown, Esther Hicks and Penelope Young.


Let Peak of Wellbeing help you define your future health.


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