Your future self will thank you

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Peak of Wellbeing have been helping clients overcome physical pain by using the SomaTraining method developed by world-renowned osteopath, Dr Guy Voyer. SomaTraining is a unique methodology for rehabilitation and strength and conditioning built on osteopathic principles.
Using very precise postures that target specific spinal segments by decompressing the joints, thus reducing pressure on the discs which push out into the nerves that cause the pain and sensations such as pins and needles in the legs. These postures can help with various spinal issues such as lumbago, disc herniations, postural issues, compressed discs, stiffness, neck pain and scoliosis. These postures, once learned, only take one minute to perform.

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To help overcome emotional pain

Peak of Wellbeing use methods based upon the works of John McMullen, a leader in Holistic Coaching, specialising in healing past trauma and self-destructive habits
Duncan and Jennie also completed a seven-year holistic diploma in California which encompassed all aspects of emotional and physical wellbeing.

In recent years, Duncan and Jennie have been extremely inspired by the works of Jerry and Esther Hicks and have permission to use this work in their practice.

Finally, after many years of suffering from back pain I am able to go for long walks and spend time gardening without debilitating pain for days afterwards. I am so excited to re-kindle my love of walking again I have bought a dog, my husband and I can regularly hike in the Jura mountains again.

Spending time working on my spine with Duncan has transformed me, I am enjoying a new lease of life.
— F.Fabre